The District 5580 Rotary Foundation Committee is broken down into the following Sub-Committees.

  • Fundraising (includes Annual Fund, PolioPlus, Paul Harris Society and Endowment Fund)
  • Grants
  • Peace Scholarships (Global Grant)
  • Vocational Training Team

The Chair of the District Rotary Foundation Chair (DRFC) is appointed to serve a 3-year term by the incoming District Governor every 3 years, and that appointment is approved by the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation.  The DRFC must be familiar with the workings of each Foundation Sub-Committee.

The Rotary Foundation (TRF) is a separate arm of Rotary International.  TRF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and the funds contributed to TRF are used for funding educational, vocational and humanitarian programs.  As an example, when your club donates $1,000 to the Annual Programs Fund, after 3 years, 1/2 of that amount ($500) goes into the World Fund to be used for Global Grants, and the other 1/2 ($500) is returned to the District to be administered by the District and used for funding Grants applied for by Clubs for their various projects. 

For more information contact a member of the District 5580 Rotary Foundation Committee.

District Organization Chart