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The purpose of this list is to provide virtual fundraising ideas to Rotary clubs, including fundraising projects that can be safely conducted during COVID-19. The list will be updated as new ideas emerge. Many of the ideas are general and clubs can learn more details and see examples of actual fundraisers by searching for the idea online. In some cases, we have included links to specific examples or provided contact information for more details.
Creative Virtual Fundraising Ideas/Examples:
1. Online Silent Auctions
2. Take-Out Meal Event: Delivery of meals to homes to benefit a cause (food made by Rotarians or partnering with local restaurants)
3. Virtual Raffles (check your state laws to determine if online raffles are allowed in your area)
4. Virtual "Big-Name" Speaker; sell tickets to attend.
5. Virtual Wine Fest (RC of Des Moines & Normandy Park) 
6. Virtual Wine or Beer Tasting/Education event
7. You've Been Flocked: Purchase pink plastic lawn flamingos and sell "You've Been Flocked" gifts where someone pays to have a home or business flocked by the flamingos. Volunteers place the flamingos in the front lawn of the home or business during the night along with a You've Been Flocked sign, then collect the flamingos later.
8. Flag Subscription: Residents purchase annual subscription for a US flag (or other flag) to be placed on their lawn on scheduled dates throughout the year, such as July 4, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, etc. Could do the same with Pride flags for Pride week. Club buys the flags and poles and members place the flags as scheduled. Clubs store the flags in between use.
9. Virtual Duck Race Example: 
10. Red Ball Race: Similar to duck race but with balls. Contact Rotarian Becky Smith for additional information.
11. Virtual Art Show: Contact Rotarian Howard Cohen for more info
12. Raffle a Custom Dream Shed: Shed assembled and customized by Rotarians at winner's location of choice.
13. Virtual Paul Harris Pool: Create a virtual board with at least 50 squares and sell each square for $20, with the money raised going to the TRF Annual Fund in the winner's name. Winner gets a PHF. Sell 100 squares to total $2000. Contact Rotarian Linda Bauer for more info.
14. Home-Based Projects: Rotarians do home-based projects to raise money for club, such as bicycle repair, sewing or crafting items, etc.
15. Virtual Concert
16. Virtual Talent Show (people charged to enter)
17. Virtual Karaoke
18. Virtual Trivia Contest
19. 4H Animal Raffle: Purchase a 4H animal, arrange for a butcher to cut and package, and raffle off the frozen meat, perhaps with a donated freezer.
20. Meal Delivery: Rotarians cook up a BBQ dinner, Valentine's Day meal or treats, or a local specialty, then deliver the meal to the buyer's front doorstep. Solicit food donations from local vendors. Or arrange with local restaurant or caterer to make meals.
21. Virtual Cat or Dog Show
22. Online Video Contest
23. Piggy Banks for Polio: Each member decorates a piggy bank or envelopes and put money into it each week during a designated time for donations, then pool the money to donate to PolioPlus
24. Virtual Boardgame Tournament
25. Virtual Costume or Ugly Sweater Contest
26. Virtual Pumpkin Carving Contest
27. Pay it Forward Auction: People bid on items that get donated to front line workers, such as meals and hotel stays. Money goes to Rotary clubs.
28. Virtual Banquets/Dinners/Brunches (sell virtual tables and have meals delivered to attendees' homes)
29. Hybrid Events such as Galas: Emcee and some presenters and/or entertainment and/or live auction are streamed live from a venue while people attend and bid/donate online.
30. Virtual Casino Night (check local laws)
31. Virtual Bingo: Example 
32. Fall Flower Bulb or Spring Basket Sales: Connect with a local nursery to establish a supply source (delivered by local Rotarians)
33. Blue Ewe/Red Ram (or other animal) Run/Raffle: Contact Rotarian Becky Smith for additional information
34. District 6440 Jack Blane Challenge for Polio-  Contact DRFC Ellen Young at
35. District 6450 Pioneers for Polio Campaign - 2020 for polio - Contact District EPN Chair debi Ross at