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Grant Management Seminar
Online video seminars are now required for all who wish to qualify their club for the training portion of the prerequisites required to participate in the District 5580 Grant Programs.  District 5580 does not currently offer an in-person grant management seminar.  All Grant Management Seminar (GMS) training is on-line and will be updated and upgraded to accommodate both completely new and seasoned veteran grant participants. The online video seminars consist of 2 parts.  Part 1 is a District 5580 video outlining the grant process of District 5580.  Part 2 is The Rotary Foundation (TRF) grant management seminar available on the TRF website. 
Please Note:  The District 5580 video is about 50 minutes long and was created in 2020.  Please note that the video does not reflect current changes in the Global Grant program, but those changes are addressed in the grant management seminar available on the TRF.   
Follow this link for the District 5580 online learning video
Follow these instructions to complete the Online Learning:
Click the following link:  
The link will take you The Rotary Foundation website where you will need to log in with your member credentials.  If you have not registered with The Rotary Foundation, you will need to register prior to clicking on the above GMS link. You will be asked to sign in during the linking process.
You can also access the GMS by logging into The Rotary Foundation website, navigate to the Learning Center page, and at the top of the page to the left of the Rotary Logo   click on the drop down menu and select Learning Topics.  Scroll down to find the District 5580 GMS.   
Chrome is the preferred browser on the TRF website, however all current versions of browsers should work on the website and to access the GMS. 
The online GMS is presented in an online format through The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Learning Center.  The GMS consists of 2 parts. Part 1 is an overview of the District 5580 grant program.  Part 2 is a in-depth review of TRF grant programs and processes.  The district 5580 portion of the GMS video presentation was created in 2021 and linked to TRF Learning Center Grant Management Seminar content.  The entire video presentation will run approximately 3.5 hours to view in its entirety.  
At the conclusion of Part 2 of the GMS, download a copy of your certificate of completion and email it to the Grant Subcommittee Chairperson. 
The Grant Subcommittee will continue to monitor the content of the GMS to assure that the information presented is sufficiently helpful to the clubs in the grant process and for the overall project completion and reporting.  It is understood that not all details can be adequately transferred to members via this media, and that MENTORS will continue to be a most valuable and necessary resource for each club participating in a Grant Project. 
Grant Management Seminars: 
The Grant Management Seminar (GMS) course is a video based educational presentation geared toward helping clubs and members be successful in applying for, conducting, and reporting on a grant supported local community or international projects.  It will be updated annually, or as needed to include current RI and District information.
If your club wishes to participate in the District Grants Program, completing the Grant Management Course on-line is required. It is suggested that more than 1 member from each club complete the training (one being the President Elect), if possible. It is highly recommended that anyone filling out the application for a grant, have taken the course so they have an understanding of the entire grant process. 
The on-line course can be completed at your own pace during one or multiple visits to the course website. There is no fee to participate.
Once completed, please email the TRF Learning Center Certificate of Completion to the Grants Subcommittee Chairperson to indicate that you have successfully finished.    They can then acknowledge that this requirement for qualification of your club for participation in the grant process is completed for the designated rotary year.  Remember that this is an annual requirement and must be done each Rotary year
Refresher course available through Rotary Learning Center as of 7/1/22 (30 min)
Please note that there are additional club qualification requirements, including the club must submit a properly signed MOU and MOU addendum to the district, and all reporting requirements for previous grants must be in compliance. 
Enjoy the experience.  If you have questions, email Gloria Mink, District Administrator, at