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World Community Service Grant Reporting
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An Interim Report is required at 6 month intervals for any project not completed within 6 months from receipt of District matching funds.  Our Stewardship Committee will also be reviewing the status of your project and confirming that the project is progressing in a satisfactory manner.  
FINAL Report must be filed within 2 months of completion of project.  Financial Reconciliation of all funds utilized in the grant project is imperative. It should include copies of all receipts, disbursements, copies of cancelled checks, and bank statements showing the funds entering and leaving the account.  Photos should also be included showing all phases of the project from the start to completion. 
INTERIM and FINAL Reports must be submitted electronically using the correct report form, located at the left side of this page.
Further details can be found in the Grant Management On-Line Learning and by referencing the specific Instruction pages included on each of the Grant Application forms.  Consult your project Mentor with any questions, and note that the Mentor must review and sign the report before it will be accepted by the committee. 
Additional questions or information:
Please contact Gloria at the District Office,, mobile 218.821.0204 
Grants Chair, Molly Herrington,, mobile 701.202.0500 (call or text)