This SITE page will contain information that will help your club and its members to increase their membership with qualified Rotarians as well as to retain existing members.  The page will be updated on a regular basis, and you are encouraged to stay informed by reading the Membership Articles contained in the District Newsletter, "Cross Currents," as well as information contained on the Rotary International Website at  http://www.rotary.org where you will find additional materials in the MEMBERSHIP section.
There are Membership Proposal Forms and a Change of Member Data Form located in the Download section (left side of this page).  If you have questions about membership, contact the District Office at GloriaD5580@outlook.com or the District Membership Chair, Mark Leutgeb at mvleutgeb@gmail.com.

A Fresh Approach

Give your members a meaningful Rotary experience by offering them opportunities to make a positive difference and connect with others. They’ll make valuable friendships and feel good about Rotary and the work we’re doing to make the world a better place.
Find ideas to help your club take a fresh approach with these resources:

How strong is your club?

Assess your club regularly to learn what works and what doesn't. Do your members reflect the range of professions and cultures in your community? Are you achieving your club’s goals? What qualities make your club attractive to new members?
Use the Membership Satisfaction Survey to identify your members' needs. Find more ideas for evaluating your club in Strengthening Your Membership: Creating Your Membership Development Plan.

Engage current members

Work hard to deliver an experience that will keep members excited about Rotary. Successful strategies include:
  • Regularly recognizing members for their achievements
  • Keeping members involved in club projects and activities
  • Encouraging members to take on leadership roles
  • Sending monthly email updates
  • Asking members for their feedback using the Member Satisfaction Survey

Find new members

The top two reasons people join Rotary are to meet new people and to get involved in their communities. Many of the non-Rotarians you know are looking for the same things. Invite them to help with a service project, attend a networking night, or participate in a club gathering so they can see for themselves how Rotary connects leaders to make positive change.
Consider these potential candidates for membership:
  • Friends and family members
  • Business and professional acquaintances
  • Younger community leaders who are already connected to Rotary through Rotaract, RYLA, peace fellowships, Youth Exchange, and other programs
Don't forget to regularly check your online membership leads for prospective members. Creating a Positive Experience for Prospective Members offers tips and advice to help turn your leads into members.

Use social media to attract members

Is your club on Facebook? Is your website up-to-date? Are you sharing information about your club’s activities and projects with your community? An active social media presence can attract new members and inspire current ones. See how one club used social media to grow its membership.

Share information about Rotary

You can explain the benefits of joining your club by hosting an information session for potential and new members. Find ideas, along with sample formats, resources, and worksheets in Introducing New Members to Rotary: An Orientation Guide. Finally, be sure to give them a copy of Rotary Basics.

Prospective member information session

Invite club members to describe their experiences, talk about your club’s service projects and social activities, and give an overview of Rotary. Share the Prospective Member brochure and the What Is Rotary? video with prospective members.

New member orientation

Build new members understanding of Rotary by hosting a series of information sessions. Suggested topics include Rotary history, opportunities for service, and The Rotary Foundation.

Courses and webinars

Encourage new and existing members to stay current using the many Rotary resources available. Courses in the Learning Center and webinars make it easy to learn at your own pace.

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